Sunday, 12 May 2013

How long is a piece of string...

Just a little project I attempted.
Tactile map.

To everyone who is helping,
There aren't enough words in the world.
Thank you.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

keaton henson

artist and poet and writer and singer and tremendous beard grower.

all sorts of wonderful things can be found here.

just a little bit in love right now.


Sunday, 13 January 2013

one from the bucket list.

'If we walk far enough,' says Dorothy, 'we shall sometime come to someplace.'

THIS ...

is a lovely song to listen to when you are standing here.


this is thanks be to the pen and the pad.

Part 1: commemorating paper movements. Part 2: celebrating a Tempest.

1. On christmas morning I was given the (suprisingly) beautifully wrapped present from my brother. Inside was the hardback copy of the final ever issue of movement magazine. My immediate excitement quickly turned to an odd sense of sadness as I turned over the crisp pages and realised there would be no more.
The whole print industry is struggling and for those of us whose room corners are filled with piles of our favourite magazines, who spend quiet evenings reading and re-reading stories of adventures, who use these pages as a method to reignite sparks of motivation and inspiration, it's a really scary time.

Movement magazine in particular has, along with riptide, shaped my adventures through its stories of distant lands, emptied my bank account via plane tickets after viewing shots of perfect line ups and making my personal need to film reach hysterical levels after landing on a page of insane sequence shots with the best riders boosting and barrelling their way into print history.
In the final introduction Ben Player talks about how these publications have created a community in the sport and it's true. They portrayed the characters of the sport through words and images, gave their readers a wider forum to hear like minded views about the sport, that went further than watching tensions or no friends with just your mates you surfed with, and they gave the companies the platform to reach the customers they needed in order to flourish.
As a reader who manages to increase her baggage weight by several kilos with magazines after every trip to Aus, I want to say thanks to Movement and all the people who made it so incredible, who supported the making of most films that inspired me to pack up my camera at fly to other lands, showed me images of new discoveries which has made my 'to see' list quadruple in size and simply for keeping us so motivated and stoked about the sport.
To everyone else, keep buying all the other magazines...please...things are always better on paper than on a computer screen.

2. Performance poetry has something of the Marmite quality about it. You either love it or hate it, there is no real middle ground.
I've always felt that rap is pretty much performance poetry, well the good stuff, not those that just chat about cars,ladies and how much they love their necklace. The good stuff is easy to find, its emotive, stirring the listener to feel something. Thats the thing with this style- whether negative or positive- to create any response is to succeed.
My christmas money was spent on a book/cd/dvd package produced by a lady called Kate Tempest. Have a listen to her work. It may make you sad, or angry, or inspired. Just listen to her insane use of the English language as she provokes you too feel this emotion, and then question yourself as you introvertly wander about your response.

Below are five of my favourite pieces.  For more please check her website HERE

'what we came after'


'my Shakespeare'


'the commandments'

three meat pies, two potato pies and a hedgehog slice.

I walked through a multitude of banana fields, saw the best waves my eyes have ever seen, stood above the clouds (there were no carebears) and had by far the best two weeks of 2012.

a tribute to ryantown.

my first attempts at some papercraft work.

soups,scarves and bobble hats.

they said that winter was coming. they were right. here's some songs for chilly times, for finding the love of soup, and for the feeling of warm ears under a bobble hat.

James Vincent McMorrow- CLICK

Bat For Lashes- CLICK

Bastille- CLICK